Precious Moments

Behold the beauty of the works of His hands. In these moments He captures your attention, arrests your soul, takes your breath away…and then…exhale. Selah.

Nothing else matters.

In this moment, it’s just you and His majesticness. His Holiness. His awe inspiring greatness. In this moment time stops, praise goes forth and nothing else matters.

In this moment, you’re reminded of the God you serve and how much He must love you for Him to capture you in this moment, to refresh you, to love on you, to remind you that you’re His. 

In this moment, I pause. 

In this moment, I praise.

In this moment, I see.

In this moment I listen.

In this moment…

In this moment…

In this moment…

I breathe. Selah.

I sing a new song. 

In these moments…

These moments…

They give me life.

Jesus is Life.

(Inspired by a view of the twilight sky from my doorway one evening)

2 thoughts on “Precious Moments

  1. I love it! So beautifully written. You have a genuine, sincere choice of words. I am so proud of you for following through on your goals. The best is yet to come! You can do ALL THINGS through CHRIST. Keep pushing, my sister. I see even greater things in store for you. I love you.

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