Praying & Planning for Effective Stewardship Over Incoming Blessings

With eight more days left in 2017, something occurred that allowed me to receive revelation from God—a very relevant word. It was a word that served as confirmation for what’s ahead IF I’m prepared for it—greater, breakthrough, overflow, freedom.  What was it that occurred? I lost my car keys.  My car was stuck at the church for three days.  It wasn’t until after I received revelation from the Holy Spirit that I found my keys in what seemed like the oddest location in the church.

During the course of those three days, my girls and I were unable to gain access to our home and were stuck at a friend’s house until 1a.m., after what had already been a long and eventful night.  When we finally did get home, I was limited in where I could go and what I could do.  I was upset with some people who had spare keys to my house but did not serve their purpose for having one.  Racking my brain trying to figure out where the car keys could be, upset with myself for not knowing what I had done with the spare car keys, and praying that I didn’t have to spend nearly $200 for another one.

While on the phone with my best friend, discussing the times from a spiritual perspective and the relevance and symbolism of all that’s currently taking place in world and those around us, our lives, and the lives of God’s beloved, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, leading to some powerful realizations and revelations concerning the loss of my keys. Thank you, Jesus.

Realizations: I had never owned multiple sets of keys to my own property before.  I have 3 keys to my car, and 5 keys to my home.  I might say that making sure that they were strategically assigned and/or placed was not at the top of my priority list considering how busy I tend to be.  I could even say that I just did not really know what to do with so many keys.  At one point, I was carrying all 3 car keys with me.  I did give 3 house keys to some family members.  I was leaving one in my garage, but stopped because it wasn’t properly secured.  But, regardless of why they hadn’t been strategically placed in preparation for a situation like this, the point is, they weren’t.  Why weren’t they?  If we were to get down to the root of it, I’d say that I wasn’t a good steward over all these keys for two reasons:

  1. I had never had to steward so many keys before. This was new to me—a place that I had never been and a responsibility that I had never had before.
  2. I was not adequately prepared and did not have the necessary experience and wisdom to properly steward so many keys.

Relevance & Revelation: We are coming into a time and place that we have never been before.  God is about to do a NEW thing.  Everything that we’ve been praying and seeking Him for is about to be released to us.  We are about to reap the harvest of every seed that’s been sown and watered.  BUT, we must be prepared.  You must ask yourself, “Am I adequately prepared to effectively and honorably steward the blessings that are coming my way? Am I prepared for what I’ve been asking God for?”

A lack of preparation doesn’t always imply laziness and/or foolishness.  Sometimes, it’s just due to a lack of wisdom—having come into a blessing that you’ve never had, or experienced before.  This is a prime circumstance for prayer and fasting.

Pray that God grants you the wisdom to adequately prepare for the blessing(s) that you’re praying for, and those that He’s about to release to you just because He wants to.  Hallelujah! You not only want to gain access to your blessings, but you want to maintain access.  Don’t allow lack of experience and/or wisdom to inhibit your ability to be a good steward over your blessings—bringing glory and honor to the Most High God! Amen! God bless you!

James 1:5 If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.”  

Isaiah 42:9 “Behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things I declare; before they spring forth I tell you of them.”

 Isaiah 43:19 “Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it?  I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

 Psalms 98:1 “Oh, sing to the Lord a new song!  For He has done marvelous things; His right hand and His holy arm have gained Him the victory.”

 Joshua 3:3-5 “They told the people, ‘As soon as you see the ark of the promise of the Lord your God and the Levitical priests who carry it, break camp and follow them.  Don’t come any closer to them so that you will know which way to go because you have not gone this way before.’ Joshua told the people, ‘Perform the ceremonies to make yourselves holy because tomorrow the Lord will do miracles among you.’”

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